Truth VS. Circumstance (ft Greg Sutton)

by This Divided World



I spent a lot of time fixing myself
Desperate for help but too proud to ask
Hands behind my back, feet shackled and bound
Convinced that change was between me and Love
Drowning in my own religious ideals
A man-made God crafted with my own two hands

God is not who you make him to be
He’s love and forgiveness no matter how much you disagree
You can believe that the grass is blue
And you can believe that the sky is green
But the fact that remains is that you’re wrong

Circumstances may have led you to believe that God is mean
That He is an angry God cutting down all who oppose Him
But when you find out who He really is and what He is really about
Blurred becomes clear, agony becomes joy
And the tears become a smile on your face

Go ahead and tell me it’s a crutch
I’d really like to meet the person who doesn’t need a crutch
We all rely on something or someone
I choose to rely on the One who never fails.
But until you find out for yourself I know it’s all just hearsay

I’d beg you to believe
But I know it will not work
I cannot change your mind
So I hope my love at least lets you know that I care

No matter who you are or what you believe in
I may not get another chance to tell you
I hope you know how much you are loved by Him
It’s not my goal to make you believe or to make you like me
I just hope you know who you are in His eyes
You can’t comprehend how much He adores you to death

His blood was shed on yours and my behalf
I will not let His life amount to just another creed
He wanted you to see that through His death upon that cross
You have been freed
Honey you’re no whore just because they say you are
Brother you’ve got worth
I see you through the eyes of a God who loves you without end

Don’t go to sleep one more night
With your past and your pains
Making tomorrow the same
Don’t go, don’t go


released September 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Vision of God Records Muskegon, Michigan

VoGR is a Christian Metal Ministry that hopes to changes the world for Christ and help spread His love to the metal community.

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